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Wireless Unplugged by True-aleth Wireless Unplugged by True-aleth
This is the first piece of a series I'm starting for a Creative Commons Licensed Community project called Wireless Unplugged. It all started with some songs made by Musik. He's building up a whole album and since he started putting al his songs as MP3 free for download, a lot of many other contributions started coming, such as video art and designs.

That's how the project Wireless unplugged started. Now it's a full fledged project planned to end by the year 2006, time by which Musik will have many more songs and by which we hope to have many more contributions. Now there is a list up of people who've said they'd contribute something, some design some other photography, video art too, and whatever may fit in the CD box.

The music is free but the boxes with all the added value will have a cost. We are thinking of setting the price rather low, but since we think there will be high demand we may end up putting them on auction.

This piece really came out nicely on the CD boxes and has left me feeling I want to do some more. I also have the idea of getting some plexiglass boxes made and starting a whole series on the translucent surfaces. The wax actually adears pretty nicely.
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obleakpattern Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2005   Traditional Artist
great concept!
True-aleth Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2005
Yes, let's see how it works. We are all very excited about the project specially with the heated discussions that are now taking place in Spain about music copyrights
phix850 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2005
Very cool. I almost think I willed you to submit these today. I was looking through my friends list today (something I have never done until today) and saw your name come up. I was wondering when you would be back to post another circuit artwork and poof, not 2 hours later, a whole bunch of postings! LOL Odd coincidence isn't it?
True-aleth Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2005
That's absolutely amazing! Well I believe there must be invisible connections that flow between people we know. You never know how you may influence someone elses thoughts or who may be thinking of you in any given moment. Perhaps a number of thoughts or a though in a certain degree of intensity may provoque the thought in the mind of someone else.

During those two hours you mention I was probably writing the post in my blog , and a few hours earlier I was finishing the piece, signing it and taking photographs of them to hang on internet. All this almost certainly at the other side of the globe, while you were wishing.

That also makes me think of some other recent wishes I had of some intensity and which are becoming true now thanks to the ideas other people have evolved and put into practice. Could that mean that any time we finally find the strength and courage to start something new, we might be granting someone wishes without knowing?

Waves, upon waves of thought...
Thanks for the inspired thoughts you've just created in return! and I'm glad to have you wishing me to post something new :-)

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March 28, 2005
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Mar 28, 2005, 7:53:47 PM